The most distressing aspect of the widespread Corruption in India is the fact that it is not anywhere confined to politician or the government machinery alone. It is prevalent among almost every section of the society at every level.

The study of world phenomenon on corruption has repeatedly branded India in the list of one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Unfortunately, this view has not disturbed most of the Indians at all and they do not seem to care as to what opinion the world has about them; so long as the existing systems and practices would allow them to make money and get things done in one way or the other.

It does not shock Indians anymore to know that not only the politicians, ministers and IAS and IPS officers are corrupt but even the judges, professors, doctors and NGOs are not out in the race. Corruption is not only prevalent amongst rich who are greedy in spite of possessing enough but also prevalent amongst poor may it be to earn their bread.

What is most alarming and extremely disturbing about the country is that Ministers are also suspected have a hand in murder. Chief Ministers of swindling crores of public money, severe police officers of molestation charges are all living in comforts and enjoying positions, thus effectively exposing the fact that the crusade against corruption has finally failed in India.

The bureaucrats are generally doing all such things in association or under the protection of their political bosses. A huge number of cases are pending against many politicians even the highest political ranking office of PM has not been freed from the corruption charges.

Is there any salvation for our country from this virtual poisoning of the entire system ? Unless the general mass is awaken, the evil of corruption can’t be routed out from the Indian society. Every citizen has to take cudgels to fight this evil, if we like to save our beloved country from the jaws of this monstrous animal.



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